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Australian Federal Budget 2017 - Outsourcing Economic Forecasting

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NEP Poll 18 (May) Australian Federal Budget 2017 - Outsourcing Economic Forecasting

We asked our panel for their opinions on the following proposition:

"Given the Commonwealth Treasury’s ongoing difficulty in making accurate forecasts of some of the key economic variables underpinning the Budget – in particular nominal GDP growth – the Government should ‘outsource’ the economic forecasts used in framing the Budget to an independent agency (such as the Parliamentary Budget Office), as now happens in the United Kingdom.”  

Check out the results of this Poll on the ESA Monash Forum website and read the overview of the poll results by one of our panellists, Saul Eslake

Collaborator credits: we would like to thank Saul Eslake for his assistance in framing this poll question and for his expert overview of the results.

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