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A Branch Council is elected each year to provide voluntary administration and manage the affairs of the Society. The Council organises regular events and seminars, engages with students and other organisations, represents the Society at conferences and meetings and advises on the strategic direction of the Society. 

At the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 27 September 2022, a new Council was elected for 2022/2023.  

We’re pleased to advise the council members for 2022/23 are:

Nicki Hutley   President
Jess Mizrahi   VP (Business)
Gigi Foster   VP (Academic)
Alexander Lindfield   Secretary
Ben Zhe Wang   Treasurer
James Bishop Councillor
Ashley Brosnan Councillor
Erin-Lea Brown Councillor
Belinda Cheung Councillor
Richard Cox   Councillor
Luke Crowther Councillor
Johnathan McMenamin Councillor
Paul Oslington Councillor
Robert Smith Councillor
Kar Mei Tang   Councillor

Click here to read more about these Council Members.

We are always looking for members to involve themselves in the running of the organisation. Please contact us to express your interest in becoming involved.  


View the NSW Constitution.

At the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 1 August 2017, a proposal to make changes to the Constitution of the Economic Society of Australia (New South Wales Branch) was passed as a Special Resolution. The amendments were proposed to comply with changes to the Associations Incorporations Act and revisions to the Model Constitution in September 2016.

Click here to read a document which outlines the key proposed changes to the Constitution of the Economic Society of Australia (New South Wales Branch) Inc.

Governance Statement

As of 2012/13, all Council members have voluntarily agreed to abide by the Branch's Governance Statement. The Statement was developed by Council members to reflect their ongoing commitment to uphold the interests of the Society and to provide an example of best practice corporate governance. View the ESA NSW Governance Statement


The AGM 2021 was held on Tuesday 27 September 2022. See above for details of the Branch Council for 2022/23.




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New South Wales

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