New South Wales

Professor Leo Dobes, ANU

Leo Dobes completed his DPhil at Oxford University before joining the Department of Foreign Affairs.  His 30-year Public Service career included intelligence analysis in the Office of National Assessments and policy roles in Defence, Treasury, and Transport and Regional Services.  As a Senior Executive Service officer, he played a key role in developing and implementing the reform of the Australian telecommunications sector in 1989-91, and was instrumental in establishing an Environment Branch within the Bureau of Transport Economics.  A past President of the ACT branch of the Economic Society of Australia, he teaches a Masters course in Cost-Benefit Analysis (IDEC8088) at the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy, where he is an honorary Associate Professor.  

He has recently published a book on Cost-Benefit Analysis and an article on Wider Economic Impacts in the transport sector:  

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New South Wales

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