New South Wales

Professor Glyn Wittwer, Centre of Policy Studies, Victoria University

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Glyn Wittwer is a Professor at the Centre of Policy Studies, Victoria University. He has been one of the main developers of TERM (The Enormous Regional Model), a multi-regional computable general equilibrium (CGE) model devised by Professor Mark Horridge. Glyn developed the first detailed, bottom-up, dynamic multi-regional general equilibrium model of the US economy, the details of which will appear in a Springer book. This model is being used for projects in a number of US government departments in DC.  Although he has spent much time at the Centre of Policy Studies in model development, Glyn’s main task is applying CGE models to policy issues.  Glyn has worked on scenarios concerning hypothetical plant disease outbreaks and disaster scenarios, the closure of the motor vehicle industry in Australia and many others, including the impacts of improved transport infrastructure. v He has worked with NSW Department of Industry to develop in-house regional CGE modelling capability.  In 2012 he was the principal contributor to and editor of a book on the theory of TERM and its applications to water policy.

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New South Wales

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