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Lunchtime Seminar: Nordic Electric Vehicle Policy


From: Thursday July 11, 2019, 12:15 pm

To: Thursday July 11, 2019, 1:30 pm

Nordic Electric Vehicle Policy

Electric vehicles took centre stage in the 2019 federal election, with Labor announcing a target of 50% new EV sales by 2030 and the Coalition Government committing to the development of a National Electric Vehicle Strategy.

Electric Vehicle uptake could help curb Australia’s growing greenhouse gas transport emissions (that now make up 19% of national emissions), improve air quality, benefit human health, lower transport costs, reinvigorate an Australian car manufacturing industry, establish an EV battery industry and create smarter, cleaner cities. It will also require a rethink around the fuel excise which provides the government with a revenue stream of $17billion per annum. While there is some progress on EV policies and incentives at the sub-national level, a transition to EVs requires a national strategy, which isn’t due for another 12 months.

Norwegian policies serve as a useful roadmap for OECD members suffering from low uptake, such as Australia. Norway’s success has been driven by government leadership, creating a policy environment to drive a large-scale and permanent shift to EVs. This presentation is intended as an overview of the various policy levers at play in helping Norway to reach its aim to phase out sales of all fossil fuel vehicles by 2025.

Audrey Quicke is a researcher in the Climate and Energy Program at The Australia Institute. She consciously pursued degrees in both environmental science and law to empower her with the tools to advocate for science-lead policy; particularly in the context of climate change. A combination she has been able to employ at the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (Atmospheric Chemistry Department), the NSW Environmental Defenders Office, and through the Aurora Native Title Internship Program.

She was awarded the Sydney University Sustainability Scholarship and has spent time at the University of Iceland, focusing on climate change and environmental management.


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