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Professional Ethics for Economists


From: Wednesday November 15, 2023, 12:30 pm

To: Wednesday November 15, 2023, 1:30 pm

What moral responsibilities do economists have?  Should economic consultants sell their expertise to anyone who will pay and leave the policy process to sort out the truth, just as hired lawyers leave it to the courts?   Should academic economists work on whatever advances their career, for the research system surely sorts good from bad research, and prioritises what matters most for society?  Are clicks all that matter for economic journalists?

The economics profession has long resisted occupational licencing as harmful monopolisation and seen codes of ethics as unnecessary or harmful.   But in recent years there have been growing calls for codes of ethics for economists, either voluntary or enforced by a professional association.

This event considers the basis and content of economists’ moral responsibilities, codes of ethics for economists, and whether the Economic Society has a role in devising and enforcing such codes.

This event is an in-person event only.

Professor Paul Oslington, Alphacrucis University College

Paul Oslington is Professor of Economics at Alphacrucis University College. He was previously Professor of Economics at Australian Catholic University, Associate Professor of Economics at University of New South Wales, and held visiting appointments at University of Oxford, University of British Columbia, and Princeton Theological Seminary and University.  His MEc(hons) and PhD in economics were completed at University of Sydney, and DTheol at University of Divinity Melbourne.

He works on international trade, labour markets and the history and philosophy of economics, including the books The Theory of International Trade and Unemployment (Elgar) , Economics and Religion (Elgar), Adam Smith as Theologian (Routledge), Political Economy as Natural Theology: Smith, Malthus and their Followers (Routledge), Oxford Handbook of Christianity and Economics (OUP), an edition of Jacob Viner‘s The Customs Union Issue (OUP) and over seventy articles in academic journals.

He is on the Economic Society of Australia Council (NSW Branch) and previously Vice-President and organizer of the Society’s national conference.


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Macquarie University City Campus. Please see reception on Level 24 upon arrival.

123 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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