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David Butler

Professor David Butler

David Butler studied for his Bachelors and Masters degrees at the University of York, UK, and obtained his PhD from UWA. He has previously taught at UWA and the University of Arizona. His research interests are in experimental economics, decision theory and behavioural game theory. He is a former President of the WA branch of the Australian Economic Society.

He has made a significant research contribution by using experimental methods to investigate economic assumptions regarding choice under risk. He is also known for integrating methods used in disciplines such as experimental psychology, decision theory and even philosophy into experimental economics research, particularly regarding choice under risk but also behavioural games. He is known for integrating decision process measures and ‘affect’ into economic models of individual decision behaviour under risk and in strategic games, as well as cognitive constraints on reasoning.

Subject Area Expertise

Experimental economics, behavioural game theory and decision theory.


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New South Wales

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