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Expressions of Interest for Mentorship Program 2019

WEN is planning to run a mentoring program as part of its offering for 2019, with the aim to target junior economists with 2-3 years work experience (the mentee) with more senior economists with 8-10 years work experience (the mentor). This offers opportunities to make connections between women working as professional economists.

For the mentee it may assist with general career progression advice and may provide a ‘sounding board’ for listening, guiding and providing direction around being a professional female economist in the workforce (such as understanding opportunities in different sectors/ensuring your voice is heard/returning to work after children/managing part-time work). For the mentors, this provides you with an opportunity to provide others with the kind of support you may wish you had in the early stages of your career and to get to know some inspiring younger women in the process.

Some general expectations for potential participants are:

  • Mentees need to be willing to become WEN members (membership is available here )
  • Mentor and mentee agree to meet 4 times over the year.
  • Mentoring is to be largely driven by the mentee, but with strong support from your mentor, in terms of scheduling meetings, developing goals for the year, determining topics for discussion at each meeting, completing any actions identified.
  • Mentoring is distinct from any counselling, coaching or training activities the mentee may be involved in.

Ultimately WEN would like to foster an environment in which mentoring partnerships are developed organically through the making of connections via the WEN network (events etc) but we feel that if there is interest, offering a more formal structure might work as a good place to start.

Expressions of interest for mentees and potential mentors are due by 15 March 2019 and are available here.

Should there be enough interest we plan to hold a kickstarting event to introduce potential mentees and mentors in late March.

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