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Economics is a wide ranging discipline which lends itself to many specialist paths.  As a result there are a number of other economics societies and associations which focus on specialist areas of the discipline. Some of these organisations will provide discounts or other benefits to ESA Members on membership and events.  Listed below are just a few.

The Australian Health Economics Society (AHES) promotes the study, practice and development of the field of health economics in Australia, and the role of health economics analysis in informing policy and health practice in Australia and internationally. AHES supports virtual and face-to-face networking and knowledge dissemination for members and interested colleagues, with a particular focus on new researchers. The Society is an advocate for the key role of health economics research and analysis in improving the health and welfare of the population and the performance of the health system. Members of AHES are drawn from across Australia, New Zealand and internationally. Our annual conference regularly draws presenters and attendees from around Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and North America. Health economics in Australia is an exciting and rewarding field for the seasoned professional or the casual visitor.

Economics and Business Educators NSW is an active professional teachers association which has been serving members since 1968. It is an affiliate member of Business Educators Australasia. EBE NSW exists to inspire secondary school teachers of Economics, Business Studies, Legal Studies and Commerce to be passionate and dynamic educators in the classroom. EBE NSW was the winner of the 2014 ASIC MoneySmart Week "Education Category - Highly Commended Award".

The Society of Heterodox Economists (SHE) represents a gathering of economists outside the mainstream, who believe that the study of the discipline of economics goes beyond the study of mainstream theory in its present state of development and the application of purely quantitative techniques to the formation of judgments on qualitative questions.To actively promote our view that awareness of a variety of economics theories is a requirement of professional competence, we have established a structure around the Society of Heterodox Economists which would provide a formal body to lobby on behalf of heterodox economists. The main activity of SHE is the annual conference, held at UNSW on the first Monday and Tuesday of December.  

In addition, many of the Universities have economics societies for students who are studying economics or who have an interest in the subject. They provide their members with academic support, career information and a social network.  Listed below are a few:

If you are aware of any other societies or associations that would be of interest to ESA members and should be included in this listing, please contact our administrator.

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